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I am an 18-year-old menstrual justice activist and youth voices advocate from Thailand, who is driven to destroy taboos and break the silence.

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Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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The Union International ( is Thailand's 1st Interscholastic Student Newspaper, joined by 140 bold staffers representing 50 schools and 25 nationalities, with writers based in 11 countries worldwide.

The Union is shining light on taboos, encouraging meaningful discourse,

and shaping the next generation of socially-responsible journalists. 

The Union's advisory board consists of award-winning journalists, including the winner of the International Press Freedom Award, winner of the Courage in Journalism Award, winners of The United Nations' Reham al-Farra Memorial Journalism Fellowship, and journalists from CNN and the BBC. 

More on The Union on the newspaper's About Us page.

H.E.R. (Health. Equity. Respect.)

Founder & President

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HER ( is a non-profit organization providing sustainable period products, hygiene education, healthcare, and employment for women and girls.

HER develops low-cost menstrual pads made from upcycled sugarcane bagasse, a highly-absorbent sugar industry waste byproduct.


Through partnerships with 20+ NGOs and fundraising efforts led by student ambassadors from 15 schools, HER is distributing pads to women across 5 countries: Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, USA.


HER has distributed over 10,000 reusable and sugarcane fiber pads to women.  

Some of Our Partners:

HER Sugarcane Fiber Pads Approved by:

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Registration Number: 13-1-6500027969

Learn more about our partners:

Connect with @herperioddignity on Instagram 




Seribelle ( is a social enterprise producing organic skincare products based on sericin, a natural protein found in silk cocoons, including a face wash, serum, moisturizer, and exfoliant scrubs.